bryant park

the day after the chictopia10 conference, i literally rolled out of bed, saw the clock, and scrambled like a chicken with its head cut off. i had to be at bryant park in less than an hour for the photo shoot! i threw on an outfit that was not planned and literally squished everything else into my suitcase to check out of my room. i even had to do the thing where you sit on the suitcase while you try to zip it shut, wondering the entire time "how the hell did i fit all this in here in the first place?"

i also discovered two new bags. the ones under my eyes that not even the greatest makeup artist could conceal. sunglasses it would be for the rest of the day! liz and i grabbed the necessary starbucks, checked our bags and booked it over to bryant park. last night's makeup. last night's hair. and an outfit i wasn't even sure i saw in the mirror before leaving the room.

(jacket-vintage, lace sweater-silence & noise, denim-makers of true originals, cami-forever21, boots-jeffrey campbell, necklace-aldo, purse-junior drake)