reclaiming what was mine

i've resurrected this relic of a blog. i waffled on it for the past year; always backed with encouragement from friends. and so after a lot of thinking about what i really want out of this thing, here i am. this time, it's all on my terms.

no ads. no "i love this blah blah bag". no stressing about making sure i have at least 3 posts for the week.

this site was my creative outlet and i want it back. 

i started this thing back in 2008, and over time it was manipulated and warped until it was no longer fun. i hated the networking events. i despised what i saw happening around me. authenticity was dead. associating myself with the word "blogger" made me cringe. personally, i became severely self conscious. and ridiculous enough as it was, i felt so much guilt for not posting often enough. FUCK THAT NOISE.

what i miss is the friendships i made. real, honest friendships. the incredible people i had met who inspired me to try harder at anything that was worth a damn. so many opportunities were presented as a result of blogging. i learned that i loved retail marketing, social media and partnerships. and blogging really had its fun moments - some of my best experiences. i don't want to give that up.

and so with my return, i have confidently decided my goal with this little blog of mine. i'll post when i want. i'll post what i want. i want to feel inspired. and hopefully, i inspire you too. get ready to see aspirational sartorial imagery, features about products i sincerely love, the occasional outfit post, music, tattoos, motorcycles and whatever else gets me excited.

if you're into this, thank you. i'm excited to have your support. so there you have it. here's to the new GOING WEST...