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run to the hills

(zara denim jacket - similar, unif carnaby skirt - similar, iron maiden shirt - similar, zara heels - similar) photos by lydia hudgens

there's not much to say here really. next to leather jackets, band tees are my favorite wardrobe staple. since finding this shirt mixed in a rack full of men's vintage tees at wasteland, it's become somewhat of a uniform piece.

i live in it, and those are the best kinds of pieces.


it was alright

(dress from aritzia [similar style], margiela x h&m jacket [similar style], jeffrey campbell areas boots [similar style], smokey quartz necklace c/o adorn by sarah lewis) photos by lydia hudgens

a couple weekends ago, i woke up on a foggy sunday morning and went to half moon bay for a disgustingly adorable date to the pumpkin patch. with my usual morning tea in hand, we looked for the perfect pumpkins, made phallic jokes about their stems and laughed at the parent who threatened her daughter's chance at a pumpkin if she didn't smile for her goddamn "we're having a blast at the pumpkin patch" instagram. it was kind of perfect. afterward, we stopped at a super kitschy yet cute pub to catch some football and the necessary beer or two after being surrounded by families and children running amok all morning.

that's when i heard about lou. lou reed had passed away on that sunday morning - fittingly almost, being that whenever i spoke of a sunday, i would break into his song. if you haven't listened to lou reed, which sadly many people of my generation have not, please look him up. lou, iggy, bowie - they changed rock and roll. more importantly, before his solo career, he was involved in the velvet underground doing incredible things to influence music to come.

lou reed was scheduled to perform the day before my birthday in april, and i had tickets but he cancelled. i hadn't seen him before, so when i got the news (sitting at the bar in zeitgeist), i started crying. little did i know he was sick and needed a liver transplant in may, and 5 months later, he would pass at the age of 71. 

i always said if there were an anthem to my life, it is undoubtedly 'rock and roll' by the velvet underground. funny enough, the girl's name in the song is jenny - close enough. so forget talking about clothes and the usual mundane. this post is for lou.

back at the pub, we toasted to lou and the music he shared - me, my fella, the bar tender, and a stranger next to us. i thought about him for a while. then i went on with my day, and it was alright. 


so good at being in trouble

(top by leith, piper faux leather track pants, vince camuto booties, alexander wang rocco, staring at stars panama hat) photos by lydia hudgens

excuse me for the absence. i'd been mulling over a return to blogging for a while. to get you up to speed, i started a new job at old navy online - a huge change from the startup world - and moved to a new neighborhood in sf. (well, from one side of the mission to the other, basically.) during the startup days, i had no time for much outside of work, so i dedicated my time to friends and dating. but now i have much more free time.

however, i wasn't necessarily anxious to get back into blogging. it takes time. a lot of time. and i depleted my closet in the move. blogging sounded more like stress and added work than anything else. BUT i can't forget how much fun it is. that's why i started it. what i didn't realize is how many friends i'd meet and how many opportunities i would come across. i can't forget that. and so, i'm back for more good times!

this thing is four years old now, and things have changed a lot - beyond just my career. black dominates my closet. if you're not into that, you may not be into this blog anymore. music is a big part of my life, and i want to share that. if you like music, you might like this blog.