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closetista live!

hey everyone! i did a little interview for closetista tv with one of the gals from style bust. you can see it later tonight. there are also interviews with the designers themselves who, by the way, are selling their pieces on closetista. just refresh this video every so often throughout the day and week to see new interviews!

go check it out! buy unique items that nobody else has; and best of all, part of the proceeds go to charities like the smile train, ms society, and dress for success!

nylon stockings

(images via fashion gone rogue)

this editorial for the january nylon is 90% legs. i love the entire set of photos. beautiful images. bright, shiny props. mile-long legs. amazing accessories and hair.

bring on the holiday parties!


baby, it's cold outside

it's that time of year when all i want is to wear cozy sweaters, chunky scarves, and boots that keep my toes warm. here are a few things i would LOVE to have in my closet:

 what are your trusted cold weather pieces?