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so good at being in trouble

(top by leith, piper faux leather track pants, vince camuto booties, alexander wang rocco, staring at stars panama hat) photos by lydia hudgens

excuse me for the absence. i'd been mulling over a return to blogging for a while. to get you up to speed, i started a new job at old navy online - a huge change from the startup world - and moved to a new neighborhood in sf. (well, from one side of the mission to the other, basically.) during the startup days, i had no time for much outside of work, so i dedicated my time to friends and dating. but now i have much more free time.

however, i wasn't necessarily anxious to get back into blogging. it takes time. a lot of time. and i depleted my closet in the move. blogging sounded more like stress and added work than anything else. BUT i can't forget how much fun it is. that's why i started it. what i didn't realize is how many friends i'd meet and how many opportunities i would come across. i can't forget that. and so, i'm back for more good times!

this thing is four years old now, and things have changed a lot - beyond just my career. black dominates my closet. if you're not into that, you may not be into this blog anymore. music is a big part of my life, and i want to share that. if you like music, you might like this blog.


i'll be shopping

i'm stoked to tell you that threadflip (where i work) just launched a new mobile app! it's easier than ever to buy, sell, and discover fashion on our suuuuper improved iphone app. i just ordered the margiela x h&m men's denim jacket and AG coated denim using the app, and it was seamless. seriously. when they arrive, i'll even post a pic to instagram so you know i'm not messing with ya. 

download the app and take 20% off your mobile purchase using code TFAPP20! 

here's a little shopping music to get you in the mood:

Ladytron - Flicking Your Switch by Fixed46



(GVGV for UNIQLO jacket, Wilfred silk tee, SUNO for UNIQLO pants, vince camuto boots, alexander wang rocco, ray-ban sunnies)

wow, a post! get this, i got sick AGAIN. strep this time. now i'm debating removing my tonsils. for real. i'm better again and enjoying friend and former photog (who shot this post) time with lydia while she visits sf for a couple weeks. tonight, i'm pretty stoked to be hosting an event with my buddy annabel at the UNIQLO on powell street from 8-9:30pm. if you're free, you should RSVP here and come by! (but come early because it's seriously going to be a madhouse.) 

here's a look i made using pieces from DIP (designers innovation project) collection. there's even more rad stuff in store. by the way, happy thursday. here's a chill song i've been playing on repeat for a while to get me through to the weekend:

The Holydrug Couple - Counting Sailboats by The Holydrug Couple