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Butter Cream Frosting

Hi, Everybody!

I missed the beginner's pilates class this morning. I fell asleep on the sofa last night, and Shannon left me there. He normally wakes me up. I wonder if I can just start in a regular pilates class. Well, the new month's schedule will be coming up soon, so we'll see what I will even have time to take. I should have gone to work out today, but oh well, I'll go tomorrow. My muscles are recuperating from beginning such long workouts.

Instead, I made plans to bake cupcakes. I originally planned to make vegan cheesecake cupcakes, but they were basically little cheesecakes. Instead, I made chocolate cupcakes, Shannon's favorite. This time I added something I would like and have not yet tried. Butter cream frosting. It was delicious, not too sweet, and simple to make. I ate one, of course, but not before I took a picture of the finished product.

I don't know if they'll be sweet enough for Shannon, but they're just right for me.

That's all I really had to say. I was just so pumped about baking and trying something new. If you want one, you are more than welcome to come here and have one!


ps sorry about the images, i don't know why the sizes aren't changing...


I Guess You Could Call Me Stupid...

Hi Everyone,

Today has been hell so far, and I brought it all upon myself. I had an appointment at the DMV to get my CA license this morning. First thing before I left, I had Shannon trim up my bangs. I've been working on growing them out, but I wanted to wear them straight for my picture. Therefore I needed to trim them up, so you could see my eyes in my new ID. Just before leaving, I quickly snatched a photocopy of my passport, just in case.

I then left for the bus and realized I missed the first one, so I walked downtown to where my transfer would be arriving since I had ten minutes before it would arrive. I waited, waited, and waited, then waited some more. Twenty minutes after the bus should have arrived, it finally came. I called Shannon just a few minutes it arrived, freaking out because I thought I might have been at the wrong spot. I was just about to call a cab and spend the extra seven or eight dollars when my bus arrived.

I got off at my stop, walked under the overpass, and crossed the street to the DMV. I got in the appointment line, which was not moving any faster than the non-appointment line, and waited my turn. Once I got to the desk, the woman asked me for a passport or birth certificate. I said I had a copy of my passport. That of course, would not do. I needed the original. I was furious. They don't tell you on the website what documents to bring, but they do make sure to let you know how much it will cost and what type of payments they accept. I rushed away from the desk and called my mother, who keeps important things in the bank lock box in Iowa, to tell her I needed my original documents.

I hopped another bus home, and decided not to wait for the transfer that would drop me off in front of my block. I walked the rest of the way thinking about how frustrating California has been, and how even more crazy Berkeley is (also known as Berzerkeley). I just don't have the West Coast mentality. Then my mother calls me. She reminds me that she gave me my passport and birth certificate before I moved. I knew right then exactly where I put them too: in the box where my copies of my passport are.

By the way, before my mother called, I passed the marine recruiting center (which I thought they left already) where the protesters "The Pink Ladies" or whatever they are called, hang out. There were only three, two of them, however, were doing yoga. I almost threw up and went into hysterical crying because I was reminded that I live in Berkeley: a gorgeous town with great shops and landscape that is full of crazy people.

I arrived at my apartment where Shannon was getting ready for work. I let go and shed some tears. I could probably do it some more since I think I have a lot of built up anger/sadness/aggression to release. I felt completely stupid that I had the documents all along. I felt stupid for throwing a fit at the DMV. And to top it off, I began filling in the form the woman gave me to finish and return with the next time I came to get my license. As I was looking at my ID for my DL#, I noticed: my ID doesn't expire this year. It's next year.

HELLO. Furious again that I went through all that nonsense, worked myself up, and felt like an idiot already. I must have mixed up the expiration date of my driver's license with that of my bank card. I missed three hours of work, and now I have to go there and explain that I don't need my license after all while explaining why I missed those hours.

You can laugh at me now, but I'm still so angry about all of this that I won't think you are very funny.

On the lighter side, I started working out yesterday, and it feels amazing to be back in the gym. I plan on going daily again after work, and on the weekends with Shannon, who also gets a pass, since I work full time.

Yours Truly,
The idiot from Iowa who is trying to make it out here in California


Catch Up

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I haven't posted in so long. I had been doing so much anticipating and waiting and waiting and waiting that I didn't have any sure things to post about. However, that is not the case anymore. I am now an employee of the YMCA. I work in the corporate office of the Berkeley-Albany YMCA as the Marketing/Development Assistant. It's a good job. I make a decent wage, am getting some great experience, and did I mention I have a free Bay Area pass to the Y? Free. This Y is huge. Three pools, free classes of all kinds, and tons of cardio and weightlifting areas. I hope to take advantage of it tomorrow and work out. I know I need to work my way back in to a good fitness level, but I'm so excited, I want to work out for at least a couple of hours. The best part is homework won't be getting in my way! My supervisors/bosses are going to make efforts to help me get as much of a learning experience as possible to build on my career. On top of that, however, I still enter donations, a mundane task. They can take all day to enter, and we plan on getting a bunch throughout the next month. Surprisingly, I took on to the nine to five (really 8:30 to five) schedule rather well. A nice perk is that I can walk only three blocks away to meet Shannon at the store for lunch. I still don't like getting up early yet. I'm sure I'll get back into it.

I still have yet to hear from JFK on my admissions status. If I don't hear from them by the end of this week, I know I was not accepted. I'll be okay. I just hope Britt gets in and moves here. If she doesn't get in, I still hope she moves here. Maggie should come with her. I miss everyone a whole lot. It's hard, but as we know, "I'm a man. A man who built the Eiffel Tower out of brawn and steel!" I can deal with it, unless I drink a bunch of whiskey and listen to New Order. Then I might cry, as we all know from past experience.

Shannon has his test on the second of April. I got work off to be his model. I really hope he passes. Apparently it looks good if you have a cosmetology license in more than one state. Speaking of licenses, I am going to the DMV on Thursday morning to get my California driver's license! I have to take a test, and that's about it. Unfortunately, I haven't colored my hair since we moved (which could be a good thing, as I am liking the brown it is now, but could use a color boost) and I'm growing out my bangs. I might have to get a little trim just to look half decent for my picture.

Things have otherwise been settling down. Some money is coming in, although I won't be getting a paycheck until the tenth. In fact, we went out to a dive bar called the Acme bar on Saturday night. We played pool, and I actually got a little drunk. It was a nice treat, since we never go out to eat, let alone drink, as it costs so much.

Oh, my sister Michele is engaged. Take it however you want. She's happy. As for my nephew Carter, he's just getting cuter and bigger and taller. I plan to spoil him rotten.

I'll attempt getting more pictures on here in the future. Until then, take care. We love you all.