prayer of salvation

all photos by alessia ellis

i've fallen in love with california. san francisco is home, and joshua tree is my love affair. everyone has an escape - mine is the desert. when i stay in the high desert, it's a spiritual cleansing. truly, it is. and every few months, i'm ready to return. so when a friend offered up the opportunity to stay at a house in joshua tree recently, i was there.

photo 1 (above): our front yard. seriously.

photo 2: hoof & the horn is my favorite shop to visit when i'm in the area. i manage to pick up a little something every visit, from harley davidson belt buckles to southwestern blankets. it's a gem.

photo 3: the end. a shop owned by a costume stylist from LA. the art is perfection, let alone the unique jewelry and clothing.

photo 4: i finally visited salvation mountain - a week after leonard knight's death. this folk art installation was his tribute to The Divine and scripture. take it as you will. it's a powerful landmark filled with energy, passion, hope, and love. 

photo 5: leonard slept in a small trailer in the parking lot of salvation mountain. it was simple, just as i imagine he lived his life. 

photo 6: just near salvation mountain was a natural hotspring, where alessia and i relaxed with chuck while he floated in the water, taking moments sitting next to me to rest and drink water. he told alessia to put down her camera - as no camera would be able to capture the moment she was about to have in that water. he promised it would lift away her sins. it was just us and this fascinating, peaceful man in this hotspring; all while 50+ people were milling about less than 50 yards from us, unaware of this tiny oasis.

take me back.

run to the hills

(zara denim jacket - similar, unif carnaby skirt - similar, iron maiden shirt - similar, zara heels - similar) photos by lydia hudgens

there's not much to say here really. next to leather jackets, band tees are my favorite wardrobe staple. since finding this shirt mixed in a rack full of men's vintage tees at wasteland, it's become somewhat of a uniform piece.

i live in it, and those are the best kinds of pieces.